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Perfect Just the Way I am

Hi Guys!

I can’t believe how much time has gone by; the video for Flawless has been out on YouTube for over a month now! I hope by now you've had a chance to check it out. I have been getting a lot of questions about why I wrote that song and why the video has scenes dealing with things that people don't like to talk about.

If you follow me on Instagram (@IsabelleDubroy) you already know that I am an anti-bully activist and I promote self-love and self-confidence religiously. But, you may not know exactly why. People look at me and think that everything is perfect in my life because I'm always smiling, and appear to be happy. I'm happy because I choose to be. It took a lot of work to get here, and the truth is that I still struggle with being unhappy sometimes; just like everyone else. Being that tall kid with big hair and a bubbly personality seems great until another kid decides they hate you for it. Once someone is set on being mean to you just because of who you are there's almost nothing you can do to fix it.

I remember being picked on because of my hair, or the way I looked, or how I am and wishing I could change everything about myself. It sounds silly but all I wanted to do was fit in and for everyone to like me. But, when I decided to open up to my mom and she helped me realize that I don't need to "fix" myself because I am perfect just the way I am. I am not the problem. The bully had issues that they needed to deal with and that had nothing to do with me. My mom helped me focus on what I liked about myself, she taught me to love who I am, and she showed me how to find confidence in myself when I was afraid. 

I know that I am not the only kid who went through what I've gone through, and I know that not everyone has an awesome mom like mine, but every kid who's being bullied does need someone to be there for them and to stand with them. So, I wrote Flawless to talk to those kids; to let them know that I understand what they're feeling. I wanted to be able to share my story and hope that I can reach them when they need help. I hope that I can convince them to love themselves and to be confident in who they are when some mean kid decides to be a bully. 

I have those scenes of drugs, alcohol, and cutting in the video because I also wanted Flawless to be an eye-opener for parents. I have heard too many stories and seen too many kids do things that are harmful to themselves because they don't know how to deal with the pain of being bullied, or not liking who they are. Most parents don't think they need to have that talk with their kids because they don't think their kids have anything to really worry about in life - "You're just kids... What in the world do we have to worry about?" - A lot more than the average parent realizes. The sad part is that by the time parents usually find out the damage has already been done; the kid has already formed a habit of drinking, doing drugs, or even cutting. Now, everybody is scrambling to get the kid some "help". 

A lot of times all of that can be avoided just by showing your kids that you care. We get it, you're busy putting food on the table and taking care of our needs, but don't forget that the number one thing we need is you! Parents, just stop, and take a moment here and there to ask your kids about what's going on at school, and what's happening in their lives, and really just listen without getting distracted, without interrupting, and without any judgment. That one small thing might only take a few minutes out of your day, but it will mean the world to your kid.

I hope that after watching Flawless kids my age find comfort knowing that they are not alone and I hope that their parents find the time to be interested in their kids' daily lives and that we all work together to help my generation of kids gain self confidence, and live happier lives.

Bye for now!



If you know a kid that may be battling with depression or is thinking about doing something that could be harmful please get them help. Check out the resources below to get started.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline 

The National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health