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We Have More in Common Than we Think

Hi guys!

Here’s another one of my favorite quotes! This one is by Ellen Degeneres, and if you don’t already know, I’m a huge Ellen fan! I love how she is so true to who she really is and how she always stands for what’s right. Almost everything Ellen does helps someone else succeed; from the people she brings onto her show to the money her organization raises to save critically endangered animals, and all her other charitable efforts.

As a young activist and humanitarian I look up to people like Ellen Degeneres because my life goal is to one day be able to have a similar impact on the world. That’s why I love this quote by Ellen. It reminds me that we all have a lot in common and if we would all pay more attention to what we all have in common then maybe we would love each other a little bit more.

If you have a favorite quote leave it in the comments below and I might feature it in my “Belle’s Favorite Quotes” YouTube series!