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No Bully Can Ever Stop Me

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Hi guys!

I hope you’re having a great holiday weekend. I am definitely enjoying my time off from school! So, you all know that I am passionate about my fight against bullying; most of my music and artwork is about ending bullying or loving yourself. I hope that my message touches kids like me who have been bullied or are still being bullied get through their rough times (trust me. It doesn’t last). I wrote the song Flawless to speak out about bullying by bringing attention to some of the ugly side effects that bullying can have on kids, and to show kids that at the end of the day everything will be okay.

I share my story as much as I can because it helps other kids share their stories and the only way we can truly stop bullying is by getting the courage to stand up and speak out. The more we speak out the less power a bully has on us.

Watch the interview that I did where I explain why I wrote Flawless and share it with someone who might need to hear some of the tips I share for how to get past being bullied.

bye for now!