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Battle Bullying with Kindness.

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Hi guys!

If you know me then you most likely know I am an anti-bullying activist. I used to try to hide the fact that I was being bullied but now I’m proud to say I know a lot about bullying because I’ve been through it. Now I speak up for other kids that may be going through it; I try to give them ideas on how to overcome it.

When someone brings up bullying, people usually have a set image of what that is. The obvious form of bullying which is clearly wrong and offensive, like beating someone up, calling them mean names, spreading rumors, making harmful threats, etc. is easy to spot but, it’s not always that simple. Unfortunately, there are many types of bullying; you may not even realize someone is bullying you or that you’re bullying someone else. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Bullying comes in many different forms and bullies come in all different sizes.

What I mean by that is we often think that when we say a mean comment or mock someone we’re just having fun, and a lot of the times we are. But, if the mean comments keep happening, and if those comments are about something sensitive, private or personal and, the person they’re about doesn’t want anyone talking about them, then that could be a form of bullying.

A very common type of bullying, that in my opinion is the most hurtful, is cyber bullying. People can go online and practically stalk your page, whether it’s YouTube, instagram , tik-tok, or even on your messages; they can do whatever they want and get away with it. It can sometimes be worse than face-to-face bullying because people don’t have to worry about seeing how much they hurt you so they say meaner things than they normally would and it’s much easier for other people to join in which makes the situation worse with each new mean comment.

Cyber-bullying can be so hard to deal with because it can spread the bullying to the point where even people you don’t know attack you. Sometimes this really scars people and brings them to believe they arent pretty enough or believe they have other problems with their appearance. That’s why I just want to let you guys know you are beautiful just the way you are and don’t worry about what anyone else says. At the same time I want to remind people to be careful what you say about others on social media because you never know how many people will see it and you never know how big one small comment can get, or how badly it can hurt someone else. So, at the end of the day I want to leave you with some simple advice… Just be kind! ❤️💖

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bye for now!!!!💛😋🤗👋🏻

Love Belle

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