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It's ok to Shine

I love this quote by Marianne Williamson because we hold on to so much negativity and doubt that we have to constantly remind ourselves that it's ok to shine.

Being in middle school can be really hard because kids can be really, REALLY mean sometimes. Those mean things some kids say and do can hurt for a long time because of how much we let it bother us. Sometimes random people come up to me and give me all sorts of praise and compliments, but if my friends or other kids my age say something mean to me I will stress out over that one mean thing they said. I will spend so much time focusing on the negative that I won’t even think about all the positive energy I’ve been getting all day and I start to believe the bad stuff that people are saying about me.

But, quotes like this one by Marianne Williamson remind me to focus on that positive energy and to let my light shine bright everywhere I go. I’m amazing, you’re amazing. we’re all amazing and it’s time we start believing that so that we aren’t afraid to shine bright when it’s our time!

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