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Embrace Your Flaws

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Hi guys!

I’m so excited to release my new music video Flawless! If you’ve been following my blog you know that I’ve talked about why I created Flawless, and who it’s for. But, let me tell you why this song and video have a really special place in my heart…

Everything I create is important to me because art is my outlet. When I was being bullied and whenever I go through tough times in life I like to create something new. It makes me feel like I’m getting rid of all the negative energy and turning it into something beautiful.

Flawless is so meaningful to me because it allowed me to create something that helped me get through my struggles at the time I wrote it. It’s also helping me now by being the thing that I use to share my story with other kids who are like me or who are going through a struggle similar to mine. Since I started sharing my story other kids have been feeling more and more comfortable opening up to me about their personal struggles.

I even added a few help resources for kids at the end of my video so that kids won’t feel so hopeless, they’ll know that they have options for getting the help that they need. What’s so cool about these resources is that they all have a different way of helping kids. For example, Story Booth helps kids by giving them a place to tell their stories and be heard, then they animate them and share them on YouTube, and YouthLine is a hotline that kids can call to talk to other kids who understand how they feel and can help them get through their struggles. I love how different they all are because it means that kids have more than just one type of help, they don’t have to be stuck with what worked for another kid but doesn’t work for them; they can find the help that fits who they are.

I have gotten so much positive feedback about this song that I know I have to keep spreading my message and finding different ways to help kids. So, stay tuned…

Bye for now!



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