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Making new friends makes me want to sing!

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Hi guys!

This blog is just a quick little back to school check in.

So, how was your first week of school? Mine was great; I have been meeting a lot of new people that I can now call friends. My classes and teachers are pretty great too. I was nervous the first day but wasn’t too bad because I knew that it wouldn’t last. It’s funny because we feel like we’re the only one who feels that way but, everyone is a bit nervous on the first day of school. But, after we get past the first day everything is a breeze socially.

If things aren’t a breeze for you after the first few day (which I’m very sorry to hear) don’t stress. Sometimes it takes a little longer to find that perfect little group of friends that fits us best, and there are so many ways to find friends that I’m sure you’ll find your “tribe” soon! Don’t be afraid to make the first move; you can try talking to one of the kids who sits next to you in one of your classes. But, you should definitely do that before class or wait until after class of course; I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.

If that doesn’t work of if you don’t want to try that method don’t worry. I’m sure you’re not the only one. Start a little slower, try sitting with someone who is sitting alone at lunch and just ask them their name. You’ll be surprised about how many friendships you can start by simply asking someone their name. Today you’re learning each other’s names and tomorrow you’re besties. There are so may ways to make friends these days from school, to after-school activities, and even social media that you have to be careful of the friends you choose so take your time and have fun with it! Let me know if you find an interesting way to make new friends; I just might share it with others in a future blog!

I’ve always loved making new friends and spending time with my closest friends. When I was eight years old I actually wrote a song called Friendship that talks about how to know if a friend is a real friend, and I had so much fun making the video with my friends. You should go check that video out on my YouTube channel and share it with your friends to send some good vides their way.

Bye for now!



p.s. If you guys have any requests for what I should talk about on my next blog DM me on Instagram (@IsabelleDubroy). Well, thanks for reading have a great day!