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Meet the New Kid

Hi guys, and Happy Labor Day!

Whether you've started school already and you're getting a day off, or school doesn't start until after Labor Day I hope you all enjoy this long holiday weekend. Summer will officially be over September 21st. So, have fun while you can!

In my last blog, I talked about how to deal with friends that change over the summer. I see it happen all the time with kids my age and it's hard to understand. But, if we remember that it's a part of growing up and that it doesn't always have to be a bad thing we can find ways to deal with it. Writing about dealing with friends that change over time made me think about some of the other friendship issues kids have to deal with every school year. I especially started thinking about those kids who have to start the school year with no friends because they're new to the school. Yep, I've had to switch schools in the past, and I've been that new kid; I know exactly what that feels like! Going to a new school is kind of scary. Meeting new people, not knowing what to expect, learning a new school, and hoping you can make friends so you won't be lonely; being the new kid can be stressful.

I think we all kind of know what it feels like to be the new kid. Do you remember going to a higher grade; like going from elementary school to middle school? Or even starting school for the first time, like your first day of pre-k or kindergarten. I know. I know! That was way different because no one really cared about what you were wearing or what you looked like in pre-k but, the point is that you were afraid to go because it was something new, and we can all relate to that fear.

The older we get the harder it becomes to be the new kid in school because people automatically want to label us and they are so quick to judge. Unfortunately, they usually judge wrong which can be very hurtful. So, we try to do things to avoid having people judge us. Sometimes we think too hard about what others will think of us and we let our imaginations get away with us. Then we end up trying too hard to fit in and start doing things that we normally wouldn't do, which is almost always a bad idea. The best thing you can do in this situation is actually the easiest thing... JUST BE WHO YOU ARE!

I know you've probably heard it a million times before, but the reason why you hear people say that so much is because you are the only person you will ever be, and that's what makes you amazing. So, get comfortable with it and learn to love who you are. You cannot waste your time worrying about what everyone else thinks. If you're the new kid there are going to be people who judge you as soon as they see you, and there may even be a few people who just don't like you. But, it's ok because there are even more people out there who will love who you are as soon as they meet you and many of those people who judged you incorrectly will also come to like you as time passes.

Give people time to really get to know you. Everyone has a good personality; even people who are mean to us. They may have gone through something that makes them feel like they have to act mean to others, but deep down inside they are really nice people. I'm not saying it's right for them to be mean, but they are human and have feelings just like you and I. Maybe they're afraid to show who they truly are because they do not want to be rejected, or maybe they think that no one will like who they really are so they choose to be mean instead. But, if we can take the time to understand them we might be able to turn one mean kid into a great friend. 

It takes time to get to know people and make friends so do not stress if you feel lonely at the beginning; we've all been there. You will find the group of people that you connect with the most and you will make friends. Understand that everybody is dealing with something and we all need friends. Even though they might not show it, other kids need friends just as much as you do. So, stay positive, be kind, be yourself and work hard in school; friends will come.

I believe that this is going to be a great school year for you; you'll be just fine! :)

Bye for now!



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