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So, What About Your Friends?

Hi guys!

I hope you all had an amazing first day of school! If your school hasn't started yet make sure you have a positive attitude on your first day, and if you haven't already, make sure you read my "Back to School Must Have" blog!

Let's talk about friendship. To all my elementary schoolers, my fellow middle schoolers, and even high schoolers just remember that not everyone will be nice to you and that's ok. Even some of your closest friends can change over the summer and all you have to accept that people change. For example, say a friend you haven't talked to for a while decides that they're just going to start ignoring you all together; you go to them happy to see them, say hi, and they choose not to acknowledge you. It might bother you but, don't stress yourself out about it. There are too many other things that you can focus on, too many other people you can get to know, and so many more possibilities to explore in this new school year to worry about why one person is being unkind.

Or what if one of your long-term friends is pressuring you to do something that you are not comfortable with, like drugs or drinking. My advice to you is to STAY AWAY! When something like that happens, and you know it's wrong. So, say "no" and just walk away. I know it can be hard to put your foot down, especially if it's with a friend because we all want our friends to like us. But, we have to be strong enough to notice bad influences and to love ourselves enough to walk away. Sometimes we have to grow apart from old friends. It's a part of life. Just know that it's okay and that you will make new friends your whole life.

But I want you all to remember that just because your friends may have changed a little over the summer it doesn't necessarily mean that the change was bad. Maybe now they have a different perspective on things, or maybe they've grown up a little more than you have, or maybe they've lost interest in a sport that you used to love to play together; it's ok! These changes don't have to ruin your friendship. As long as the people who you call friends have nice personalities, have good vibes, and have your back, you should stick with them!

I know that losing a friend can be very emotional and sometimes even depressing, especially in middle school. But, you can't be friends with everybody; some people are just no good for us. You can tell the difference between a friend and a person who is no good for you by the way they act. So, pay attention to what people do, how they act, and how they treat you before you call them a friend. But hey, don't stress too much over it because back to school time is all about finding good friends and making great memories; you'll do just fine this year!

Bye for now!



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