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Passion vs. Fear

I love this quote by Marc Anthony because it reminds me that real passion is when you love something so much that nothing can keep you from it. All of us have a passion that burns inside of us and It's up to us to do something about it and make something of it.

We focus so much on our fears that we let it stop us but I think that if we focus more on our passions then we will do more of the things that we are passionate about and we will live happier lives.

things like music, videos, art, books and more but sometimes people say mean things about what I create because they don’t like it or they don’t understand it. But, it’s messages like this Marc Anthony quote that remind me to stay focused on my passion no matter what other people say because those are the things that make me happy.

Leave a comment and tell me what inspires you to pursue your passions!

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