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Isabelle has dedicated her life to creating good vibes and spreading her message of self-confidence and love. Help support her as she embarks on her mission to end bullying and spread love. Purchase your favorite Isabelle Dubroy album or book today!

Get Up CD (Follow-up Album) + Sing Along Book

Get Up CD (Follow-up Album) + Sing Along Book

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Isabelle Dubroy's follow-up album gets you up and moving with kid friendly sing-alongs.

Isabelle is a girl that enjoys learning about the world. In this album, she sings about some of the things that are important to her.

Also includes sing along book Get Up


1. Get Ready to Move

2. Get Up

3. You're Beautiful

4. Heart Break

5. I Can Love You

6. Mistreat You

7. Love In The U.S

8. Listen with your Ears

9. Nature Nature


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