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Isabelle Dubroy is a 13 year-old singer/songwriter, actress, model, dancer, author and philanthropist from Greenville, North Carolina. She began singing at the age of 4 and by 6, Isabelle wrote her first song, “Coconut Mama.” A YouTube channel was created for Isabelle at age 7 so that she can share her music. Isabelle even stars in a web series, “Microchip Jones,” in which she also wrote and performed all the featured songs. Between filming a series, releasing music videos and hosting her own talk show, Isabelle found time to write a children’s book titled, “Stuffy The Lucky Puppy,” with special thanks to her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Shiva Salehpour. Isabelle has proven to be a multi-faceted talent at a very young age and her craft is continuing to evolve.

Isabelle has dedicated her life to being an inspiration for the younger generation and hopes to help stop bullying. She even started a foundation called, “Isabelle’s Heart Foundation” where she has donates supplies to homeless shelters, hosts her own food drives and gives school supplies and foster children. Isabelle’s passion to help others has no boundaries.

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